Since 2016, Covalent Foundation has been a long-standing philanthropic supporter of Dell Children’s mental health care services in Central Texas. Ensuring all children are provided the mental health care services they need is their passion. Covalent has seeded three legacy mental health programs and countless positions at DelI Children’s over the years. In 2018, Covalent Foundation helped make the Grace Grego Maxwell Mental Health Unit possible through generous support. Then in 2020, Covalent Foundation generously seeded the first Partial Hospitalization Program at Dell Children’s through a leadership gift of 1.4 million. 

By adding a PHP at Dell Children’s we are meeting the needs of our community by having the appropriate level of mental health care needed after an inpatient hospitalization or if a patient needs a higher level of care within the Dell Children’s continuum of care. We frequently have families asking to have all of their mental health needs cared for at Dell Children’s because of the trust they have in our hospital. By adding a PHP we can now provide a critical program to keep kids safe and improve their lives. 

Thanks to this visionary philanthropy, we opened the PHP Program for mental health services at Dell Children’s in March of 2021. We thank Covalent Foundation for their legacy of philanthropic leadership for children needing mental health services at Dell Children’s!

May is Mental Health Month. Dell Children’s Medical Center gives kids in Central Texas access to comprehensive pediatric healthcare all under one roof. Licensed staff is on call 24 hours a day to address the behavioral and mental health needs of children and their families. Visit to learn more and access resources.