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Dell Children’s Trust

Dell Children’s Trust members are volunteers who leverage their collaborative giving to create impact. Departments and programs within Dell Children’s apply for support and Trust members vote to direct their pooled funds after learning about the front line care needed for children in Central Texas.  Additionally, understanding that some services at Dell Children’s are not billable, Dell Children’s Trust also hosts an annual fundraiser specifically earmarked for the Child Life Art and Music Therapy Program, namely the Art of Giving.

As a group, Dell Children’s Trust has granted over $3,062,198.77 through membership dues and special projects ($2,034,803.77) and Art of Giving ($1,027,395.00). Additionally, Children’s Trust members have been inspired to personally provide philanthropic support to Dell Children’s in excess of over 6 million dollars (outside of Children’s Trust grants).

As a member of the Dell Children’s Trust you will enjoy exclusive educational and social events including:

  • Giver Gallery (rescheduled from June 3rd, 2021), Saturday, 11th September, West Chelsea Contemporary Gallery: for Art of Giving sponsors, artists and Trust members. Final art from the Art of Giving is hung in a private gallery for an evening of celebration as artists reveal their inspired creations to sponsors who take their pieces home.
  • Dine Around and Recruitment Party, Thursday, October 28th, 2021, Zilker Lodge: Enjoy a three course rotational meal with three guest Dell Children’s physician speakers.
  • Art of Giving, Sunday. 27th March, 2022: Trust family event at Dell Children’s hospital where patients and local artists create one of a kind artwork to benefit the Child Life Art and Music Therapy Program. This art-centered, family friendly event also teaches children the art of giving back. More information here (event details to come)
  • The Give Dinner, Thursday, May 5th, 2022 at Dell Children’s: our signature event – the culmination of our year together. Hear from physician grant applicants over dinner and then cast your vote on where to direct our pool of philanthropic dollars.

Make Your Dell Children’s Trust Annual Gift: 

Grant Videos

Watch some of our most recent grant videos:

Current Members

2021-2022 Dell Children’s Trust Executive Committee

Hillary Lande, Chair

Keith Traweek, Chair Elect

Sarah Butt and Lexi Riemer, Grants Co-Chairs

Donnie Gerault, Education Chair

Carrie Brown and Melanie Denholm, Membership Co-Chairs

Andrea and Chase Hamilton & Christine and Kyle Probilski, Art of Giving Co-Chairs

Arien Bowersock and Leo Ramirez, Corporate Sponsorships

Julia Betts, Appreciation Chair

Lauren Opperman, Social Media Chair

Lauren Damen, Ricardo del Blanco, Jennifer Gravenor, Cindy Gomez-Nutt, Allie McCann, Contessa Weinheimer, Members at Large

Elisa and Mark Dennis, Mini Trust Gives Back Program

2021-2022 Dell Children’s Trust Members

Premiere Circle Members

Meredith and David Ansel
Kendall and John Antonelli
Polo Aristoy
Alex Baires
Christie and Jason Barany
Jason Bellow and Jennifer Grant
Adam and Jennifer Beringer
Arien Bowersock and Neil Vyner
John and Kristen Brazil
Sarah Butt
Michelle and Marco Camacho
Marvin and Vanessa Crues
Elisa and Mark Dennis
Lina and Matt Flake
Dr. Hilton and Jessica Gottschalk
Jennifer and Josh Gravenor
Carolyn and Matt Haney
Jessica and Chance Henderson
Lexington Holt
Natalia and Ryan Joyce
Darshana and Jeff Kalikstein
Tracy and Ryan Kelley
Kim and Daniel Kozmetsky
Allison and James Lee
Gaye and Patrick Lentz
Lindsay Lyons
Allie and David McCann
Lisa Reimers
Lexi and Yoni Riemer
Jordan Scott and Shane Mahon
Lyssa and Hank Seale
Kim and Barrett Shipman
Virginia and Steve Visser

Family Benefactor Members

Elizabeth and Sean Busch
Megan and Rich Coffey
Stacey and Chris Chamberlin
Betsy and Brian Cooney
Kristin and Darin Coulter
John and Ronda Cullen
Melanie and Jim Denholm
Morgan and Ben Gaddis
Brooke and Donnie Gerault
Andrea and Chase Hamilton
Hillary and John Lande
Jennifer and Todd LaRue

Jenn and Joey Lazarus
Jessica and Scott Miller
Elizabeth and John Murphy
Cindy Gomez-Nutt and Tim Nutt
Catherine and Will Powers
Christine and Kyle Pribilski
J.R. Ruiz and Jaxson Warrick
Laila and Jordan Scott
David and Sara Schmidt
*Heather and Claude Smith
Taylor and Ryan Steed
Contessa and Matt Weinheimer

Partner Level Members

Krystle and Christian Alvarado
Daniel and Elizabeth Aronson
Lori and Jason Becker
Tammy and Kevin Benter
Julia and Brian Betts
Elizabeth Redwine Brenner and Luke Brenner
Carrie and Travis Brown
Christine and Simms Browning
Jessica and Gabe Bruehl
Adrienne and Ryan Cain
Katherine and Rob Canales
Coleen and Daniel Carl
Beth and Erik Cohen
Chrissy and Brad Compere
John and Lauren Damen
Kate and Sean Davy
Ricardo and Isabel del Blanco
Dana and Nicholas Dertien
Ellie and Eric Falcao
Lindsay and Jason Feuerman
Kate and Scott Flack
David and Kate Goodine
Louis and Kate Granger
Crystal and Michael Gultz
Leslie and Casey Hamilton
Valeska Pederson and Andrew Hintz
Brian and Dana Henning

Veronica and Chris Hernandez
Erika and Bryan Herndon
Jenna and Craig Holmes
Erika and Jason Holzer
Laura and Patrick Hotze
Melissa and Mark Hunter
Tiffany ad Brian Hyde
Jennifer and Andrew Ice
Judith and Ryan Jacobson
Diane and Logan Jenkins
Jeff Jeter
Kyndall and Matt Johnston
Shelby and Dr. Brain Kaufman
Page Gandy and Jamie Kerr
Alecia and Jacob Kimchy
Tara and Tim LeBlanc
Adam Mamelak and Miriam Hanson
Stephanie and Jonathan Mandle
Shay and Brad Maples
Laura and Chad Mathis
Marty and J. McCartt
Mark and Erica McDonald
Lisa and NIcholas Miller
Robbi and Andrew Millest
Michael Mulligan and Jennifer Ward
Sarah and Cullen Nigrini

Lourdes and Paul Norton
Leslie and Mark Odom
Lauren and Sean Opperman
Adriana Lopez-Ortiz and Danny Ortiz
Heather and Elliot Oshman
Valerie and Chico Parker
Jolyn and David Peden
Kazmira and Anthony Pedonesi
Audrey and Kyle Penrose
Katie and Ryan Pierce
Becca and Alex Ramati
Leo Ramirez
Stephanie and Todd Reppert
Patty and Josh Roberts
Sue and Diego Rubio
Shelley and Scott Ryan
Jason and Melissa Sheppard
Ellen Straus
Dominique and Kevin Thuot
Marion Trapolino and Andrew Bush
Meredith and Keith Traweek
Bonnie and Trent Walton
Jenny and Jason Whittemore
Christy and Todd Wilkens
Melissa and John Zinda
Kim and Steve Yarger

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