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Why Is An Endowment Important For Dell Children’s Medical Center?

Endowment funds are critical to ensure that children will continue to receive the highest level of care now – and for generations to come. Endowment funds are used primarily to:

  • Strengthen, expand and maintain health care services and programs;
  • Upgrade, modernize and acquire necessary medical equipment;
  • Maintain and modernize the facilities when needed; and
  • Attract and retain top talent, fund research and more

Endowment is the ultimate source of long-term security for any organization.

The principal of endowment is invested in perpetuity to grow over time and produce income. The income is distributed to support Dell Children’s for the purposes for which the endowment was established. The “Endowment for Dell Children’s” is an unrestricted endowment that supports areas of greatest need at Dell Children’s. It is comprised of donations from many individuals, families, businesses and organizations. Donations to endowment help ensure and sustain health care for the children of Central Texas.

How Do I Establish A New Endowment?

A one-time gift of $25,000 or above will seed a new endowment to sustain Dell Children’s for generations to come, newly created endowments may be named by the originating donor and designated to the area of Dell Children’s you select to support for a lifetime.

How Do I Give To An Existing Endowment?

Gifts of any size may be made to the “Endowment for Dell Children’s,” which is an unrestricted endowment that supports the areas of greatest need for Dell Children’s. Gifts of any amount may also be given to endowments already established to support specific purposes at Dell Children’s. If your gift to an established endowment is $10,000 or more, it can be paid over a five year period – annually, semiannually, etc. Additional donations can be added at any time so the endowment continues to grow.

How Are Endowment Gifts Recognized?

All newly created endowments are recognized in perpetuity on the beautiful donor “Butterfly Wall” at Dell Children’s Medical Center. A donor may also choose to remain anonymous.

Can I Restrict The Purpose Of My Endowment Gift?

Yes. Restricted endowments can support specific programs, such as cancer, trauma, neuroscience, reconstructive surgery or child life and more.

To learn more about endowments, please contact Dell Children’s Foundation at 512-324-0170.

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