Shivers Cancer Foundation – Investing in Care at Dell Children’s Blood & Cancer Center

The Shivers Cancer Foundation has contributed a $1.5M gift to advance care at Dell Children’s for children facing a cancer diagnosis in Central Texas. Shivers Cancer Foundation will match the next $1.5M in gifts given to the cancer center, doubling the impact it has on children and families.

The Shivers Cancer Foundation has contributed a $1.5M gift to advance care at Dell Children’s for children facing a cancer diagnosis Shivers Cancer Foundation will match the next $1.5M in gifts given to the cancer center, doubling the impact it has on children and families. This generous gift is being made in honor of Trustee Emeritus, Jack Puryear and will be recognized in the new Dell Children’s Blood & Cancer Center space as such. Mr. Puryear is a founding member of the Shivers Cancer Foundation Board and his commitment to delivering cancer care to Central Texans is unmatched.

“We are grateful for this investment in the future of the Dell Children’s Blood and Cancer Center. The leadership level gift made by Shivers Cancer Foundation will both foster and fuel our growth by supporting the building, staffing and equipping of the new Dell Children’s Blood and Cancer Center.”
– Christopher M. Born, MBA, CPA, President, Dell Children’s Medical Center

The mission of Shivers Cancer Foundation is aligned with Dell Children’s Blood and Cancer Center to help cancer patients in Central Texas by supporting the planning, development and operation of high quality, multidisciplinary and well coordinated treatment capacity in Central Texas that is accessible by all patients, regardless of their ability to pay. The Shivers Foundation also advocates for and funds Cancer screening and early detection programs in Central Texas. Cancer research and the training and education in Central Texas of physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals with respect to the care and treatment of cancer patients. The development and delivery of ancillary services to cancer patients in Central Texas, including patient navigation and assistance, hospice and homecare, and blood products.

Specifically this gift will rewrite the standard Comprehensive Psychosocial Care for pediatric hematology and oncology patients at Dell Children’s. This reimagination begins with ensuring that every patient sees a psychologist during their initial appointment with the clinic. By hardwiring this cross-functional and cross-disciplinary care from the outset, we can work to remove barriers like social stigma to mental health services. By establishing a relationship between the patient and our behavioral health services, the ability to be more proactive in a patient’s psychosocial care is improved and we are able to address any challenges during treatment or remission.

Children and families navigating a pediatric hematology or oncology diagnosis often face insurmountable expenses, which is a challenge to this vision. Psychosocial care has not been available for all patients and is often deemed unaffordable to seek out. Dell Children’s is committed to removing this barrier with the help of philanthropic support. Shivers Cancer Foundation understands deeply the need to wrap the family in holistic care services in order to ensure the very best outcomes for the child.

As the CBCC brings Stem Cell Transplant into our care offerings, we also acknowledge the need to delineate the different patient populations served by our psychosocial team. Dr. Jaquez, the Director of the Psychosocial Program in the CBCC, envisions a program where there are dedicated teams within her unit caring for our Oncology, Hematology, Stem Cell Transplant and Survivorship populations. Within these special teams, Dr. Jaquez will embed parental and sibling support programs launching for populations like our Sickle Cell patients and new cancer diagnoses. Due to Shivers Cancer Foundations generous gift, nutrition and school support services will also be enhanced.

We honor our longstanding partnership with the generations of Trustees that have led Shivers Cancer Foundation, a partnership rooted in the aligned mission to bring Cancer Care to Central Texas. Dell Children’s continues their legacy that began many decades ago by the founders of Shivers Cancer Foundation to build world class care for those diagnosed with Cancer, HERE, in Austin, Texas for our community. “We know that we stand on their shoulders in this mission and will continue the work proudly until all families can stay close to home for the very best care,” remarked Chris Born, President of Dell Children’s Medical Center.

Dell Children’s Blood and Cancer Center

The mission of the Children’s Blood and Cancer Center (CBCC) at Dell Children’s is to cure and prevent childhood and adolescent cancers and blood disorders. As the primary pediatric healthcare resource in Central Texas, Dell Children’s offers both inpatient and outpatient pediatric cancer care through the CBCC. Since 1988, the CBCC team has treated patients ranging in age from newborn to young adults and continues to address a wide range of childhood cancers including leukemia, brain and spinal cord tumors, cancers of the bone and soft tissue, lymphoma, solid tumors and other rare cancers and tumors. As a member of the national Children’s Oncology Group (COG), the CBCC offers an array of treatment options including chemotherapy, surgery and immunotherapy.

The Children and their Families

Annually, more than 100 children are diagnosed with cancer at the CBCC, which serves a diverse population self-reporting as 35% Caucasian, 35% Hispanic, 10% African American, 3% Asian and 17% Other. Several languages are represented among CBCC families and 40% of the clinic population is Spanish speaking. Additionally, 44% of CBCC patient families are considered economically disadvantaged and receive support through Medicaid.

Caring for the whole child

Led by Psychologist Dr. Sasha Jaquez, behavioral health and psychosocial care at the CBCC is provided by a team of Social Workers, Child Life Specialists and staff psychologists who are embedded in the clinic. This allows the CBCC to offer pediatric cancer patients the benefit of holistic care, which addresses both mind and body, with mental health services accompanying medical cancer care – all in one convenient clinic visit. This much-needed psychosocial support eases the stress for families and gives them tools to navigate the often lengthy journey of cancer patients.

The Best for our Children

Dell Children’s determines its success as an institution by measuring the quality of our patient’s outcomes. Investments that improve these outcomes, in so many ways, are mission-critical and at the heart of our work. Philanthropic investment in the Children’s Blood and Cancer Center’s holistic care model will allow Dell Children’s to continue to care for the whole child and family navigating a pediatric cancer journey. Philanthropic investment will also allow us to expand our program so that no family has to leave home.

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