In December, we shared with you the remarkable story of Baby Le’Lani, who was born 12 weeks early at 1 pound 3 ounces and required life-saving heart surgery at Dell Children’s.

We’re excited to share that after four months of growing bigger and stronger at our hospital, Baby Le’Lani is now home with her loving family.

Le’Lani made history by being the second known 1 pound baby to receive surgery repairing a deadly condition, transposition of the great arteries. Without the surgery, Le’Lani would not have survived. Though she was in a dire situation—her chances of survival were 50/50—Le’Lani was in excellent hands. Her surgeon, Dr. Charles Fraser, was the doctor who performed the same surgery on the first baby to receive this vital surgery.

Though Le’Lani pulled through surgery with the strength she’s shown since Day 1, she required monitoring due to her premature birth and additional heart surgery. With the help of her medical team at Dell Children’s, Le’Lani now weighs almost nine pounds and only requires oxygen. Her team predicts she’ll be off the oxygen soon, and all her scans and tests show that she’s progressing beautifully.

On Monday, February 20th, Le’Lani was discharged from Dell Children’s. Her mother, Jasmine, pushed her through the hospital with doctors, nurses, and staff emotionally sending them off with a parade of confetti and balloons. It was an emotional moment for both Jasmine and her medical team. Many had been with Baby Le’Lani since she first entered the world.

Though Le’Lani will require the oversight of a cardiologist for the rest of her life, the Little Baby That Could is now exactly where she should be—at home with her family. We are so proud of Baby Le’Lani.