Celebrating Our Dell Children's Nurses

Imagine for a moment that you or a loved one is visiting the hospital. Who is the first person who asks questions about how you’re feeling? They’re likely the same person who will be checking your blood pressure and measuring your other vitals. They may not be calling the shots, but they’re certainly delivering them and while they don’t prescribe treatment, they are the ones walking you through it, step by step making sure you know exactly what you need to get better.

If you haven’t guessed yet, we’re talking about nurses and without them, no hospital could operate. And Dell Children’s is no different.

Nursing is a healthcare industry role with a reputation for being ultimately rewarding; it is also known for being tremendously difficult, and over the past few years, many great hospitals have lost many great nurses because of the personal toll the job can take. Again, Dell Children’s is no different.

The Role of Specialized Acute Care Nurses in Children’s Hospitals

While we celebrate our dedicated and compassionate nurses who tirelessly care for our children, our minds can’t help but turn to the nurses who care for our most vulnerable patients—our specialized acute care nurses.

The role of a specialized acute care nurse is to take care of the immediate and serious medical needs of our children experiencing sudden illnesses, major surgeries, injuries, and complex medical conditions.

In children’s hospitals, specialized acute care nurses hold a unique and indispensable role— their expertise, compassion, and unwavering commitment make a profound difference in the lives of our youngest patients. In fact, their ability to provide specialized care often ensures better outcomes and a higher quality of life for young patients.

However, the need for these specialized professionals is growing, and philanthropy plays a crucial role in ensuring that children’s hospitals can recruit and retain the talent needed to advance complex care.

The Role of Philanthropy in Supporting Specialized Nursing Care

The demand for specialized acute care nurses in children’s hospitals is rising due to advances in medical technology, the increasing prevalence of chronic conditions, and an aging nursing workforce, requiring nurses who are both clinically proficient and emotionally resilient.

To help make sure we can support our current and future nurses, philanthropy is crucial for meeting the growing need for specialized acute care nurses in children’s hospitals. Generous donations can fund advanced training, support recruitment and retention, and enhance patient care facilities. Additionally, philanthropy can drive research that innovates pediatric nursing care.

Every day, every shift, every hour, there is a nurse at Dell Children’s that goes the extra mile to provide exceptional care for the children who come through our doors. They don’t do it because they have to, they do it because they need to—offering exceptional care is part of who they are.

Join us in honoring and supporting our specialized acute care nurses, recognizing their dedication and expertise with our unwavering commitment because supporting those who support us is part of who we are.